California City, endless possibilities

If you live in southern California you are already aware of the high cost of living, traffic is horrible, and air quality can be terrible

We have a solution to the high cost of living in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

California City is the third largest city in California and we are  less than 100 miles north of Los Angeles!

If you are:

California City might be the answer to your problems!

California City 93505. The solution to the high cost of living in LA and Orange County
work from home

Work From Home (WFH)

With the onset of COVID, many people are now working from home (WFH). Where they live is no longer connected to where they work and this presents a great opportunity to move to a cheaper neighborhood. 

Employers in the city are always hiring, you can continue to work at your present job, or you might find a new WFH gig working with an employer anywhere in the world!

The High Cost of Living

Gas is expensive in Los Angeles. In California City it’s typically 10% cheaper.

All new homes are required to have solar panels. Our sunny weather means they are producing more power. Same panels, higher output, $ saved.

getting expensive

Even sales tax is lower.  The sales tax in Pico Rivera is 10.25% while sales tx in California City is 7.25%. That’s correct, you will save 3% on everything you purchase here. Purchasing a new car? Yes, you will save 3% on that, too.

You pay property taxes every year. The property taxes on a $200K home is much lower than a $600K home. As a result, you’re saving thousands more each year.

There are countless ways you will save money by relocating an hour north of LA but these were just a few.

California City, is the solution to the high cost of living, poor air quality, and wasting time sitting in traffic. Relief from the chronic problems of Los Angeles and Orange county is just over an hour away!

Did you know

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California City is the third-largest city in CA at 203 square miles.

Los Angeles is 503 square miles
San Diego is 324 square miles