3 Reasons To Choose California City

We hope to give everyone a quick overview of California City, just north of LA.

Perhaps you are looking to start a family, but can’t afford the housing prices in Los Angeles or Orange County.

Maybe you are looking to start a new business or relocate an existing business to grow.

Maybe you have health concerns.

Starting or growing a family?

Make smart choices!

Whether the family is established started or a “work in progress”, you need to make smart choices. The low crime rate, lower cost of housing, and many other benefits can make California City very attractive for new and established families looking to relocate.

Is housing really cheaper?

Compare the cost of the average home in Los Angeles.


The cost of a home in 93505 (California City’s zip code).

As a result, you might save enough money to pay cash from the sale of your existing home.


Don’t expose the kidlets to smog and pollution, They will thank you when they grow up!

  • low housing costs

Don’t spend half the month working to afford a house payment. With housing prices between one-quarter and one-half the price of housing in LA and Orange County, you can afford to put some money aside, maybe splurge for that new car, or send the kids to a better school with the money you save.

  • Low crime rate

With no serious gang issues, violent crime rates much lower than the LA basin, and property crime rates at almost zero, you can feel safer raising your family in California City.

For Businesses

Relocating can make sense by lowering the cost of real estate, limited time wasted in traffic, and even increasing the output of solar panels on your roof due to the constant sunny weather.

California City business owners

California City has better air quality

health benefits of moving to California City

Los Angeles is a city notorious for its smog. Smog is caused by many factors, including the burning of fossil fuels, especially by vehicles, ships, manufacturing, and wildfires.

Combine all these sources of smog with the fact that Los Angeles is surrounded by mountains and the smog builds up and usually has nowhere to go. You are covered in a smog “blanket” and have to breathe unhealthy air.

You can escape the unhealthy air just 100 miles away. Your lungs will thank you!

Enjoy Life

We all want to spend more time with our family but the bills have to get paid, right?

In California City, you can spend more time enjoying life since you are not working all the time. You will find yourself with more time to enjoy all those little moments that you missed for so long. Be in those family photos.  Spend more time getting hugs instead of working at the office or commuting in traffic. Life is much better in California City.

child playing at a park