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    With so many job boards available today, why use this one? Our geography makes us more isolated than other cities. Attracting new job openings dedicated to our local area is more important.

    If you are a job seeker, it might be very important to only search jobs that are in your immediate area. Transportation can be expensive and you don’t want to waste all your money just getting to and from your job!

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    You must be a registered user on this site but you can create the login as you create a new job. Your listing should include the location (your company name and/or your address) and you will have to choose if your applicants will be directed to your website or send an email to you.

    Your job listing will remain active for 30 days. If your job is filled, be sure to come back and mark it filled so other applicants see that. If your job is not filled in the 30 days, log in again and mark your job as open to extend it for another 30 days.


    Whether browsing job listings or posting a new one, there is no cost!

    We don’t charge employers for posting jobs and we don’t charge anything to apply for the jobs, either.

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    Unfortunately, many larger employers do not post their jobs on this site, but maintain their own “now hiring” page on their site.

    An example is STARBUCKS.

    If you know of an employer that is “NOW HIRING” but you don’t see them listed, let them know they can attract local job seekers with this free tool!